About Us

MODTEMPO was born in 2012 when our CEO David Reamensnyder began the same process that likely brought you to our website today: searching the market for modern and contemporary furniture for his home. The options at surrounding retailers in the Cleveland area left him disappointed, so he moved his search online. He bought a few pieces from various online vendors, but each purchase had its share of issues; the primary one being customer service.


Most retailers claim that customer service is at the forefront of their business, but experience shows that it often is, rather, an afterthought. It leaves one wondering whether the company is at all concerned with not only your satisfaction with the product, but the purchasing process, the timeliness and conditions of shipment, and the overall shopping experience. At MODTEMPO, it is protocol to personally speak with our clients regarding their purchase. When our clients receive a follow-up phone call after their purchase, and then again after delivery, we generally hear the same response: "Wow, really? You actually care?" And our answer is always "Yes, we do!” we place the highest value on our clients’ opinions and genuinely care about their level of satisfaction shopping with us. We want to know exactly what you think!


In all of this, we aim to build a high level of trust between us and our clients. We make it a point to physically evaluate the quality of craftsmanship from each manufacturer we work with. If our customers tell us they are not satisfied with a product, then we need to re-evaluate selling that product. When our clients shop with MODTEMPO, they shop with confidence knowing that the foundation of our company is to provide each customer with the latest in quality modern furnishings with the high-end customer service to match.

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