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It can't be overstated just how useful a good sectional sofa can be in the design of a space, how its flexibility allows for decor opportunities that just aren't possible with static pieces. Some days you need the lounging space provided by a full sectional - sometimes, the pieces must be split in order to allows guests more personal space and comfort in their seating options. Furniture, after all, isn't just for looking at. When investing in the pieces that'll serve as the anchors of your decor, it's imperative that you choose models that'll be as functional as they are gorgeous. Luxury without function is ostentation. Luxury with function is MODTEMPO.

That's the spirit that went into the design of our  Madison Sectional, a truly luxurious piece that boasts Italian leather, adjustable headrests and electric recliner function. It can also be seen in the understated elegance of our  Puget Sectional, whose subtle beauty is complemented by the meticulous detailing found in the trim piping and poly-linen, button-tufted upholstery. We also offer smaller sectional parts as individual pieces to allow our clients the ultimate in design flexibility. A  California Corner orSoho Single chair may be just what you need to put the finishing touches on your living room or lounge. |

No matter what you need to complete your space, MODTEMPO has the pieces that allow you to do so with unmatched elegance and luxury.

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