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Designer Series
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Coleccion Alexandra is a young, dynamic and family-run company that designs and manufactures exquisite and handcrafted furniture. It has a highly personal philosophy, developing a unique concept from the perspective of the designer, not the manufacturer of traditional furniture. Therefore, it does not limit its collection to furniture design, but includes decorative items, home textiles and lighting, ALL with a unique and distinct style.

With an unsurpassed reputation the dazzling Coleccion Alexandra is leading the way in high-end design throughout the world. Redefining interiors by juxtaposing classically inspired pieces aside sleek modernist textiles and phenomenal contemporary creations, this is a collection without precedents.

The Quality of our production is based on incorporating only the finest raw materials and the most complex manufacturing processes, handled by our expert craftsmen passionate about each and every detail. This is what defines Coleccion Alexandra‘s distinctive mark.

Coleccion Alexandra is now considered a trustworthy supplier by international architects, decorators, and interior designers, who look not only for unique furniture pieces, but also for decorative items, home textiles and lighting.

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