Where Furniture is Made - Featuring the Blue Vessel Lamp

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Blue Vessel Lamp

Have you ever wondered where furniture is made? Depending on where you buy from or what you order, the pieces could have taken a long journey from a foreign country or a short journey where it was crafted right in your very own city. MODTEMPO sources furniture from around the globe to bring you the best, most "in-style" modern and contemporary pieces however, some of the pieces are made right in our home city of Cleveland, OH.

One product line that happens to be made and sourced here in this great city of Ohio is the MODTEMPO Exclusive line. All of the pieces within this line are custom and created by MODTEMPO artists specifically for MODTEMPO. Meaning, you will not find them anywhere else. One of the more popular pieces that has caught the eye of many is the Blue Vessel Lamp crafted by the talented Kevin Busta.

We are lucky to have Kevin as one of our lead designers. He has been at the forefront of furniture design for years and has been recognized by Popular Mechanics, Architectural Digest, and New York Times to name a few. Oh and, he's based in Cleveland Ohio and crafts all of his products in his Cleveland workshop - local and proud. So to answer "where is furniture made?"...some furniture may be getting sourced and designed right in the city you live in and you may not even know it.

Watch as Kevin shows how the Blue Vessel Lamp is built and the true craftsmanship that goes into the creation (video created by Popular Mechanics)

The talent and attention to detail is amazing, right? As you could pick out from the video, the Blue Vessel Lamp consists of a steel drum shade and a smooth steal body with teal accents. Here's a look at the final product:

A MODTEMPO Exclusive, handcrafted and built in Cleveland, OH by Kevin Busta.

Interested in getting your hands on this MODTEMPO Exclusive product? You're in luck - enter our Blue Vessel Lamp GIVEAWAY for a chance at winning one: 

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