Using Natural Framing in Interior Decoration

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Decorating can be confusing for a first-time homeowner or interior designer. That being said, home decorating should be fun to do, and shouldn’t take up a whole lot of time. There is a lot for you to learn along the way!

Using natural framing throughout your home will give it a balanced look that can produce a peaceful living space. Here are some ideas for how to use natural framing in your interior décor and get started on your journey to home design.


Start with Doors and Windows

One of the best places to start with adding natural framing in your home is by looking at existing doors and windows. A new door made of natural materials is a great way to improve both the interior and exterior of your home. Re-doing the framing with natural materials (such as a dark wooden frame against light colored paint) will add depth and contrast to the home making it look bigger. According to Houston Window Experts, wider framed French doors can help achieve a more open room and give you more frame to work your décor around.


Incorporate Natural Framing in Photos and Art

Using natural framing for your actual frames can liven up a room and give you room to design it to your taste. Whether you want a look that is modern and minimalist, or rustic and chic, choose the right framing for your art. Wooden frames are very popular and can be tailored to a number of different styles. 


Install Wooden Beams in the Ceiling 

If you have the room to support it, installing wooden beams in your ceiling will make the room look larger, and provide a unique take on natural framing more people don't consider. This is mostly done in common rooms or dining rooms for a more dramatic effect. If you don’t have this option, use your doors and windows as a place to start decorating from. Use the entrances to the room as a counter balance to more asymmetrical designs.


Shelving and Furniture

You want a cohesive look throughout any room. Acquiring shelving made of natural materials will help pull the room together and can be a great point to balance a room from if you don’t have many door frames. This is the same when considering furniture. It is worth the mention that cohesive doesn't mean that everything is the same. You can mix and match different natural materials to create a special look. Just because you have contrasting elements, doesn't mean your room does not have a cohesive look.


There are many ways to incorporate natural framing in your home, all it takes is a little creativity and willingness to try new things! If you want a home that looks well put together and tidy, give these tips a try and don't forget to add a special touch of your own should you feel inspired to do so.

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