Top Interior Design Trends of 2020

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It’s a new year and with every new year comes a cycling of trends; either they’re on their way out or they’re on their way in. This is especially true for interior design and overall furniture styles. If you fancy interior design and want to stay in the know, read below for “in” trends that will be gracing the covers of interior design magazines this year.


This trend started to take shape towards the end of 2019 and is going to come to full fruition in 2020. People are over the overly matched interior style and are instead opting to mix old and new decor and furniture. Whether scavenging antique stores for unique finds or bringing out family treasures, decorators are having fun finding a place for the older items among the modern furniture staples.


This is another trend that started to take shape in 2019 and will take off even more in 2020. We’re finding fun, but tastefully done, bathroom designs packed with colorful wallpaper and materials all over Pinterest inspiration boards. Not only are homeowners using their bathrooms as a place to experiment with fun walls, they’re also choosing unique fixtures that add to the playfulness of the room and tie it all together. It’s also another space where you will find a mix of old and new - for example, a modern vanity with an antique mirror.


Have you noticed more and more furniture with sloping arms and metal legs? You aren’t dreaming. Euro-inspired furniture with German, Italian, and Norwegian influences are all the rage and will continue to be throughout the year. You can snag some of these styles on MODTEMPO, such as the Chloe Velvet Sofa.


The millenial generation is slowly causing a shift in the home building and buying market - they’re opting for smaller spaces, even staying in apartments or condos, with less to maintain and clean. Due to this, multi-functional spaces are in, which allow for less wasted and more flexible spaces. A great example is people using the extra space they have in their office for an additional closet or seating area. The multi-function idea has already started to trickle down to furniture pieces too. Some of our TV stands, for instance, boast plenty of storage options both exposed and enclosed - multi-function!

Which interior design trends of 2020 are you going to incorporate into your home? Be sure to check out MODTEMPO for your furniture and styling updates!

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