Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

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Chances are you have more time at home - you know, due to the Coronavirus and all. This allows for the perfect time to tackle your spring cleaning and get rid of any germs that may be laying around however, the task can seem overwhelming even if you do have more time at home. You can spend hours procrastinating while pondering which room to start in, if you should get rid of some things, and how you're going to reach those high places like on top of your cabinets or ceiling fans. Here are some tips straight from the MODTEMPO team to make this spring cleaning task a little less daunting:

Take it Room-by-Room

As mentioned above, thinking about cleaning your whole home can be daunting. Even if you live in a smaller home or apartment, it can still be daunting, especially if cleaning isn't your thing. To take the stress and pressure off of getting everything done as quickly as possible, we suggest taking your spring cleaning room-by-room. Decide which room you want to start in then make a plan to focus on a different room every day or every few days, depending on how often you want to be cleaning. Not only does this help you focus on one area at a time and thoroughly cleaning that specific room from top to bottom, it also gives you little accomplishments along the way because you'll be marking rooms off your list as you make your way around your home. You'll start to feel really accomplished when you're able to put rooms behind you as you move along. 

Don't Forget the Little Things

Obviously you're not going to forget to mop your floors, vacuum your rugs or wash all your blankets, but the smaller things can easily be forgotten. This is where tip #2 comes into play - don't forget to do the little things. If you are going room-by-room then making a list of "the little things" in each room will help ensure you don't miss them. Examples of little things include: thoroughly cleaning the silverware tray that you haven't done anything more than wipe out in the past six months, wiping down your light bulbs (dirty light bulbs emit 20% less light), washing your shower curtain, etc, etc. These little things, although small, do matter to the overall cleanliness and fresh feel of your home. In addition, most of these little things take minimal time, so why not add them to the list?

Your Couch Needs to be Spring Cleaned Too

Dusting and cleaning up your TV standdesk, counters, cabinets, and more will be part of your spring cleaning routine, so don't skimp on your sofa or chairs! Sofas and chairs need just as much spring cleaning love. You will have restrictions based on the fabric your couch is made with, but a great place to start is by using a handheld garment steamer or your vacuum's upholstery attachment to do some initial cleaning. After that, you'll want to take a look at the care tag to see how to proceed and what cleaning solutions can be used. Also, don't just assume that if you have removable covers they are safe to go in the washer because this may not be the case. There are great solutions out there that you can use to give your well-loved couch a deep clean or you can always go the professional cleaning route - either way, just make sure to include it in your routine!

Use Spring Cleaning to Get Organized

There is a huge difference between being clean and being organized. Your home could be spotless with zero messes or dirty dishes, but your desk drawers can look like a tornado went through them. On the flip side, you can have your kitchen pantry organized into sections with labels and containers, but your dresser can have a layer of dust on it. See, clean does not always mean organized and organized doesn't always mean clean. That being said, if you're already putting in the time to spring clean, you might as well get organized along the way. As your washing all the extra blankets and pillows you for when guests visit, organize the closet that you store them in. That could mean getting baskets or new containers to house them in. If you're deep cleaning all of your pots and pans, get an organizational storage system for your cabinet that allows your pots and pans to be stored in an organized, easy to navigate manner. There are loads of organizational items for homes out there and spring cleaning time is also the perfect time to add some organization to your life!

This list of tips could be pages longer, but these are the ones that we find help the most with spring cleaning efficiency and actually getting the job done right. What spring cleaning tips can you add to this list? Be sure to check out MODTEMPO for any furniture or decor needs you may discover on your journey to a spring cleaned home!

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