Putting Bland Behind You: Colorful Decorating Tips for a More Personal House

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Modern Sofa Set

Are you being dragged down by your own home’s drab decor? Maybe you've already tried your best to avoid a monochrome palette but are still struggling to make colors really pop or have anything stand out. According to Hilary Farr from the Rules of Renovation, not only are empty rooms sad and boring, but adding better décor can help with selling or giving tours of your home. Follow these tips if you would rather come home to a refreshing paradise that showcases your own signature style.


Throw Pillows and Blankets

In any modern furniture store, you will see an array of black, white, grey, or tan couches. There is nothing wrong with having a dark-colored or simply designed sofa. But as the centerpiece of your living-room, your couch deserves some sprucing up. One of the best ways to liven up this space is to add colorful throw pillows or blankets. Sparkly monogrammed letters or animal shaped embroideries can be grabbed from an art store and adhered with fabric glue for an extra pop. If you think your couch needs more updating than throws can provide, consider an adventurous slipcover.



Are your shelves, dressers, or corners bare and depressing? You can look to nature for vivid green plants and gorgeous blooms to make any space livelier. You can even add functionality if you incorporate plants like herbs or medicinal greenery like aloe vera. An extra bonus, the air quality in your home will improve with certain houseplants.



A trip to your local thrift store or art gallery is all you need to give your barren walls some zing. Look for art that appeals to your tastes and budget. You can find amazing designs that appeal to your family, past, or taste. Avoid dreary, one-toned landscapes and find pieces that will enhance the overall design of your space. Nothing makes a home more personal than artistic touches from the homeowner. Attempt slapping colorful acrylic paints on a canvas in an easy pattern for instant abstract art. You don't need to be a Picasso to make simple lines or dots. 


Don't be scared to experiment with colors out of your comfort zone in your decor. If you feel your home decorating skills are lacking, you might be stifling your versatility. Test out colors and patterns by setting-up sheets of art paper, fabric swatches, or other items in places to see if they work before making actual purchases. Not only can you incorporate art and prints to really take your decorating to the next level, but you can even make customized DIY decor if you are feeling really creative.

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