How to Set Up a Productive Work-from-Home Office

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If you're like most of the United States, you've been told by your employer to not come into the office and to practice social distancing by working from home amidst the concerns over the spread of COVID-19. At first you think "no problem, of course I'll work from home", until you realize you don't have a home office set up in which you can work productively and effectively. If you're an entrepreneur or small business owner who normally operates from home, chances are you'll be fine, but there are several other members of the workforce who will have to make adjustments. If you fall into this category, MODTEMPO has a few tips to help you set up your work-from-home office:

Find & Designate Your Work Space

To start out, you'll want to find space within your home or apartment that you can designate as your daily work space. This means during your work hours, this space will be yours for work only - you won't have to pick up and move halfway through the day so another member of your household can use it. This is where we suggest getting yourself a desk, if you don't already have one, and setting it up in a place within your home that is a little secluded, if you don't already have a room designated as the "office". If you don't have a desk and don't have room to get one then no problem! Just find that space that can be used on a daily basis from 8 to 5 and where you have enough room for your computer and work supplies. For some this may be extra counter space in the kitchen or the dining room table in that dining room that never gets used. The key here is just making sure it is dedicated as yours when you need to be working.

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Invest in a Comfortable Office Chair

If you don't listen to any of MODTEMPO's other suggestions, please listen to this one! Having a comfortable chair to sit in for eight hours of the day is essential. You may assume your dining chair or bar stool will suffice, but they are not meant to be treated as office chairs and after eight hours of sitting in them, you'll be hurting. Not only that, but there are actual long term health dangers associated with having a bad office chair. That being said, even if you'll be using your dining room table for the next few weeks, make sure to invest in a real office chair that is meant for long term sitting.

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Have Proper Lighting

Did you know that natural sunlight gives you energy and increases creativity? It does! So, if you're looking for a location for your new work-from-home set up, think about the lighting and make sure you have enough of it. Ideally, you'd want to work from a space that offers a lot of natural light, but we know that isn't always possible. If you don't have the option of a space with sunlight streaming in, ensure your ceiling light gives off enough light and think about additional lighting, such as a desk lamp, if necessary. Many underestimate the power of good lighting, but there is a reason most offices now have large open windows or great overhead lighting - hello energy and productivity!

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Pick a Color Scheme & Decorate

If you plan to listen to our first tip, then you'll have a designated work space just for you from 8 to 5. Why not add some decoration or a color scheme to that work space of yours? Think about your desk/office at your work - it likely has photos that bring a smile to your face, a plant or two, and office supplies that reflect your personality. Don't hesitate to do the same at your new home office! You spend most of your day working and it's proven that having things around you that bring you joy will brighten your mood and have a positive effect on your work. MODTEMPO is giving you permission to pick a color scheme then get to decorating!

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Shop MODTEMPO for a great selection of modern and contemporary office furniture and decor. We wish you well on your new work-from-home journey!

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