How to Furnish Your Vacation Rental

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It's such an exciting experience to be able to aid in somebody else's relaxation. When you own a vacation rental property, you get to do just that. Even though the aesthetics tend to be one of the last things on people's list of needs to take care of, as a rental owner, understand that the aesthetics matter. If you want to make sure that your renters enjoy the lap of luxury when they visit your rental, consider the following ways you can furnish it.

Use Durable Furniture

Durable furniture is incredibly important. Some of your renters will have small children. Small children like to jump on furniture. After a while, guests have a tendency to allow wear and tear to happen. It's natural for regular usage to break down furniture. Instead of needing to replace it every other week, invest in furniture that you know will last. Make sure it's made of quality materials.

Think of a Luxury Hotel

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When you visit a really nice hotel, there's something about the aesthetics that make you feel at home. Between the neutral colors, plush linens and clean environment, hotels tend to attract high paying customers. If you want to make sure that your customers feel at home, think of a luxury hotel. As you're designing, think about where the location is. Use the local scenery for inspiration. Don't fight against it. If your vacation rental is a beach house, go with a beach theme in a few of your accessories. This is a nice way to create a home away from home that looks and feels cohesive.

Include Simple Accessories

Don't go overboard with accessories. Remember, even though you own this rental, it's not your home. Your renter shouldn't see pictures of your family in the space. Keep it neutral and simple by addingsimple pieces of artwork on the walls. Add a few mirrors. Install a floating shelf that holds up a few books, statues or useful items like clocks. Less is more when it comes to designing a vacation rental.

Keep Things Neutral

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While there's nothing wrong with having a bold statement wall in one of the rooms, it's best to focus on a neutral vibe. You'll have different people coming in and out of the rental property. You want everyone to feel welcome. The most universal way to do that is by maintaining a neutral palette. This includes everything from the colors you use on the walls to the plush pillows on the living room couch.

If you need further help in this area, consider looking at different shelter blogs and design magazines that showcase vacation homes and rentals. Check out sites like Airbnb. com to see what some of the more popular rentals look like. This will help you get a better idea of how to stage your home properly and entice more guests in the future.

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