How to Create an Amazing Living Room That's Also Guest-Friendly

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Your living room is an important place for lounging and entertaining your guests at home. Many peoplechoose comfy furniture for their grand room with cozy fireplaces and plush furniture included in their decor. Check out these tips for creating a stylish living room where your guests will feel at home.

Use Plenty of Throws and Cushions

It's important for your living room to be comfortable for everyone. According toA Pretty Fix, “accents, such as comfy pillows, are inexpensive, and they add back support to chairs and chaises. Changing the color of throw pillows provides an instant makeover for your living room.”

Think of your color scheme and grab a few spare pillows when you know you'll be having extra company. These are great for guests young and old and can make even the oldest furniture feel comfortable. Don't forget to add some throws that'll keep you warm and cozy when you're watching movies.

Add Pleasant Scent to the Area

Aromatherapy can induce relaxation at home. Your guests can benefit from scents of flowers and essential oils to liven the environment. Scented candles will need to be placed strategically so that they're out of reach of children and will distribute fragrances evenly throughout the room. According toAmara, “sweet scents aren’t for everyone, but in the living room these fragrances will create a refreshed and comfortable atmosphere. For smaller living rooms look to vanilla and honey based fragrances across scented candles. Larger rooms can manage sweeter scents, look to caramel, macaroon, and icing sugar fragrance notes across fragrance diffusers to ensure the scent is gently filling the room.”

According todoTERRA, “essential oils have the added benefit that certain scents can help clear feelings of unease and sadness.” If you or your guests are going through a difficult time, try using zesty scents like bergamot, sweet orange, or lemon to lift everyone's mood. Welcoming scents, like vanilla or apple and cinnamon, invite guests to feel at home.

Look to Entertainment

A home bar in your living room is easy to make and stock with your favorite beverages. According toKegworks, “add the right finishing touches to set your bar apart! You’ll be spending a lot of time in your new space, so extras that add comfort and good looks are always a good idea. Features like bar signs and the right bar stools can really bring your bar together.”  Grab some snacks that will last, like hard candies and a few bags of sealed chips, to keep on hand. Guests always appreciate it when there are plenty of places to sit at a house party. An at-home bar provides the perfect place to watch the big game.

You may want to look into getting a popcorn maker to add a wow factor to your entertainment space. Another quick fix is to keep board games on a living room table for a night everyone will enjoy.

These quick tips can create success and harmony in your living room. All you need is a place to chill where you would appreciate the company as well. Once you have your details in place, grab a comfy spot and enjoy your living room. This room has all you and your guests need to enjoy some rest and relaxation together.

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