How to Care for Your Furniture's Upholstery

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How to Care for Your Furniture's Upholstery

You will want to take the best care of your home’s upholstered furniture so that it looks attractive and lasts longer. Upholstered furniture requires specialized care, and here are some care methods that are recommended by experts.


Flip or Turn the Cushions Routinely

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It is crucial to turn or flip the upholstered cushions on your furniture on a routine basis. This helps to prevent wear and tear on the outer fabric along with preventing flattened foam cushions. Get into the habit of turning or flipping the cushions on chairs or couches at least once a month.SFGate even recommends every week or two.


Use a Protective Spray On Upholstery

Buy fabric protector spray at a local store to use on the upholstered furniture in your home. This type of spray helps to protect the upholstery of furniture by creating a waterproof and stain-resistant fabric. You may need to reapply this type of spray occasionally.


Buy Plastic Covers For Your Home’s Furniture

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If you want the ultimate protection for the upholstered furniture in your home, then buy plastic covers to protect all of the fabric and fiberfill. These items are made in generic sizes, or you can have the plastic covers customized to fit a chair or couch precisely.


Keep Pets Off Of Your Upholstered Furniture

If you want to keep your upholstered furnituresmelling fresh and looking clean, then teach your cats and dogs to stay off of your couches and chairs. Provide a bed or other items where your pets can rest so that the animals aren’t on your furniture.


Don’t Permit Smoking Inside Your House

If you smoke cigarettes, then the items can damage your furniture’s upholstery with smoke or cigarette burns. To avoid severe upholstery damage, don’t permit any smoking inside your home.


Clean Your Upholstered Furniture

Make sure toclean your upholstered furniture every few months with the appropriate cleansers and equipment. You can also hire an expert to complete this job for you. With this upholstery care method, you can eliminate the stains and odors that develop on upholstery.


Caring For Window Seat Cushions

When you have cushions on your window seats, you should care for the items so that the cushions last longer. You can take the cushions outside to shake off the dust, and you can use a lint brush on the items to remove pet hair. If the outer covering of the cushion is removable, then you can often wash it in a washing machine.


Have an Upholstery Cleaning Schedule

You should have an upholstery-cleaning schedule to maintain the furniture in your home.Experts recommend cleaning the upholstery on furniture at least once a year or more frequently in a busy household.

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