Best Tips For Adding A Rustic Look To Your Home

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From antique stoves to old farm tools hanging on the wall, rustic decor styles embrace the rough-and-tumble lifestyle of country life. Although rustic decorative pieces bring their own kind of charm to a home, these pieces are imminently practical and usually serve more than one purpose. The pieces look old, slightly beat up, and are typically mismatched. These features add an element of comfort to a decorating style, which encourages people to sit a spell and visit. If you want to add some rustic charm to your home, here are a few more ideas to get you started.

Distressed Furniture/ Shabby Chic

Shabby chic/ distressed furniture usually has a whitewashed paint, with portions of the wood underneath the paint showing through. It’s a fashionable look for cupboards, side tables, and other pieces.

The other element that you want to be aware of is the mix-and-match look that dominates this type of decor. Rustic furniture rarely matches. If you’re adding some shabby chic pieces, allow the whitewash and the wood textures be the unifying element between all of your pieces, not the design.

Rough Wood Textures

Fans of rustic decor look for furniture that has a rough wood texture and simple shapes. (It can be shabby chic or it can feature bare wood.)

If you’re trying to dress this look up a bit, without going overboard, remember that dark woods with red undertones combine well with painted kitchen cabinets. This combination allows the rustic beauty of the woods to shine through while adding a pop of color to the mix. You can also install a barn door on the pantry or other interior doors to add even rougher wood texture to your decorating scheme.

Quilts and Other Country Pieces

Handmade quilts thrown over the beds or draping out of an antique steamer trunk adds an original rustic flair to your decor. Decorate with patterned quilts when they want to add a bit of country charm to their rooms. Another way to bring rustic, barn-inspired decor into your home is to incorporate baling wire. Baling wire is a staple among farmers and ranchers, but it's also a versatile material to craft with. You can shape photo frames, words, hearts, and more out of the wire.

Handmade Fixtures

Mason jars count as a staple in the rustic household. Not only do they function as the kitchen’s glassware, but they can also be re-purposed to serve other household needs. Outfit them with lamp fittings to create original lights throughout the house. Or fill with sand and candles to add an array of lights to your patio.

Final Words on Rustic Living

Rustic decorating styles feature furniture pieces that don’t match, quilts thrown over the backs of chairs, and plenty of bare, rough woods. Although this style has a definite look to it, no two rooms decorated in this style will ever look quite the same. If you want to a decorating style that’s as inviting as it is charming, rustic decor is the way to go. For all your rustic deco needs, and more, check out our huge selection of furniture atour store!


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