Basement Design Tips for a Contemporary-Style Home

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The basement is often one of the last areas of the house that gets finished and decorated. It's out of the way of the rest of the house, and it's easy to avoid. Plus, it's cold and uninviting when it's not finished, so getting up the motivation to go down there to make plans takes some work. But it's so nice when it's all finished, and contemporary design is one popular choice that works great in this particular space. Here are a few tips that you can use to create the contemporary basement room of your dreams.

Make the Most of Your Basement

An unfinished basement is wasted space. By refinishing it, you can sometimes double the amount of living space that you have. If you have yet to finish your basement, then this is a great opportunity to not only customize your home but also extend your current living space without building on a new addition. If your basement is already finished, then you can repurpose existing rooms.This residential contractor explains, “there are a lot of activities that you can do in that space. For instance, if you have a hobby, the basement is the perfect place to set up your equipment. You can also use some of the space as a guest room, den, or playroom for the kids.”

Decide on an Effective Layout

If your basement doesn't yet have walls, this is actually a great opportunity tocreate a beneficial layout for your lifestyle. Open floor plans add function and versatility. One of the first things that you need to decide is how you plan on using the space. If you choose to make the majority of the area into a family room, an open layout works well. All you need to do is add a few walls for private rooms, such as a bathroom or spare bedroom.

Keep Things Light and Neutral

While you probably have some natural light coming in from windows, basements tend to be darker than other areas of the home. By incorporating light colors into the decor, you can make the room more inviting. The color that you choose for the walls is crucial.This paint and painting specialist explains, “make sure that you remember to choose something a little lighter than what you might think since paint tends to look darker when you apply it to large areas. If you use your basement as a second family room, then you want to choose a bright hue that makes the space appear warmer and brighter. Consider goldenrod, salmon pink, or a soft pink for the room. These colors are sunny and inviting and can make your basement feel cozy and ideal for family togetherness.” You should also make it look like the rest of your house by choosing design elements that blend with the decor in the upstairs.

Having an unfinished basement is a great opportunity. You have so much room that you and your family can spread out into. Simply create your layout, then let your imagination run.

Remember that with many basements head room is a premium, so make sure to use creative solutions likewall and floor lighting to make sure your basement doesn’t look dark and uninviting.

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