5 Popular Rural-inspired Interior Design Ideas

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Living Room Furniture

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Rather than having a modern home in the city, you can create a home that is inspired by rural designs. These traditional rural designs can create a unique ambience in your home that makes it look different from the other houses in your neighborhood.

Old-fashioned Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

Old-fashioned farmhouse sinks are one of the most popular ways to have a rural-themed home. While these items were traditionally used in kitchens for washing large amounts of garden produce, modern homeowners are also using these sinks in laundry rooms and bathrooms. You can find vintage farmhouse kitchen sinks, but there are also new farmhouse sinks available that are easier to use with modern faucets and water pipes.

Reclaimed Wood for Tables

If you are looking for furniture that has a rural ambience, then search for old wooden doors or floor planks. You can use this reclaimed wood to make a dining room table, coffee table or end tables. If you are a fantastic carpenter, then you can use the reclaimed wood to make kitchen cabinets or wooden frames for chairs and couches. With reclaimed wood, you are going tocreate a rural ambience in addition to protecting the environment.

Rustic Metal or Wire Decor

Nothing says vintage quite like the rustic feel of metal farming decor. Baling wire can serve as strong material for hanging pictures or shelving from. Metal shelving and surfaces can offer a distinct touch of rural living to your home. You might even try hanging old street signs or license plates on your walls.

Using Quilts for Your Decor

Quilts can make great decorative touches. You can have a throw quilt on your couch, or you can hang it up on your wall. Just be sure to pay special attention to your color scheme. The colors you use can bring the room together and also affect your mood and creativity.When you enjoy do-it-yourself projects, you can repurpose old quilts that are degrading. You can make curtains, throw pillows and placemats from homemade quilts so that your home has a rural theme that is different from any other home in your neighborhood. In some cases, you can use one quilt to make multiple decorative items for your home. 

Unique Doors for the Living Areas of Your Home

Abarn door can separate space in homes with a lot of open areas. If your living room is connected to your dining room, a set of sliding barn doors or a single sliding barn door can be a great way to separate the two rooms when needed. An interior sliding barn door can also be a great way to divide a dining room from a kitchen, or a closet from a bedroom. You can find beautiful and unique hardware for the interior sliding barn door so that it is easy to open and close.

How Many Rural Interior Design Themes Do You Need?

While you might want to havea rural-inspired home, avoid using too many designs in one room because it can become overwhelming. Begin by using only a few rural-themed designs so that you can create a relaxing and entertaining home.

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