5 Must-Have Features for a Happy and Productive Workplace

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Workplace productivity depends on a number of factors. One factor that some employers often forget or overlook is that employees are substantially more productive when they feel invested in their place of employment. It makes sense — if staff members feel that their employer cares about them, they're more willing to give a job their all. There are some things you can do to show your employees they matter and to make their workdays better. The return on such an investment will definitely be worth it. Here are some suggestions for providing a happy and productive workplace.

Natural Light

Access to natural light will help your employees remain alert. Being confined to a dim and dreary office can increase drowsiness. So, let the sun shine in. Lots of large windows is optimal. However, there are other ways to create a bright interior if adding windows or moving to a new building aren't in your budget. Moving furniture to allow for more open space, adding bright white lighting, and even providing a“Happy Light” sunshine lamp can help.


Artwork can make a statement in a space. It can also influence the mood of the people within that space. An office with art on the walls is more personable and inviting for clients. It also sparks employee creativity and makes your workers feel more relaxed. AsXL Catlin puts it, “a considerable body of research indicates that the physical surroundings have a marked impact on employees’ productivity, loyalty and creativity.”


Worker privacy is important. Many people can't work with distractions. Therefore, having an enclosed space in which to work is essential to productivity. Private workspaces can be created in a number of ways. You can use partitions or curtains if you don't have enough office areas with doors. Perhaps work schedules can be altered to accommodate shared spaces.


Everyone needs some downtime now and then. Providing places for relaxation allows workers to recharge their batteries. A lunchroom and informal meeting area would be ideal for allowing workers to engage with each other and unwind. Better yet,include a snack area with a vending machine to encourage employees to get up from their desks for an occasional stretch. Small breaks increase productivity.


Comfortable furnishings are essential to employee productivity. If workers are in pain due to sitting hunched over for hours, they're not going to get as much done. They'll also call in sick more often due to the aches and pains related to non-ergonomic working conditions. Proper office furniture is one of the best investments you can make.

Creating a happy and productive workplace is possible. These tips will help you to get started.

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