5 Fun Home Features You Won't Find Everywhere

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Swimming Pool

We all have some kind of mental picture of how our dream home should look. Whether we're living in it yet or not, we all have desires about what would make the ultimate home space. While some of us are wishing for a pool, others might want green living as the top standard for their premium residence. Finding unique ways to express yourself with your surroundings is key to creating a relaxing and refreshing home environment. Check out these fun home features that allow you to unleash your inner interior designer.

1. Aquarium Bed

This choice is certainly on the eccentric and expensive side, but it’s definitely a show-stopper. No matter which bedroom this piece of relaxing, living artwork resides in, it is bound to be a conversation piece and a meditative retreat at the end of a long day. With backlit displays that provide soft, gentle light as needed, you can relax and lose yourself in the beauty of aquatic life while you drift off to dreamland. Be careful — you might be tempted to hit the snooze button a little more than usual!

2. Barn Doors for Interior Rooms

Whether you are defining an entrance to a living room or a three season porch, barn doors for interior rooms definitely make a statement. Artisan Hardware advises using an interior barn door to “transform a boring old doorway into a personalized statement by adding an authentic barn door to your home or office.” Rustic and inviting, they remind you of simpler times while bringing a unique ambiance to both inner and outer rooms, and they inspire a plethora of decorating options unique to a more rustic style. Let your creative juices flow as you pull both rooms together around your unique doors.

3. Indoor/Outdoor Pool

How cool would it be to begin a pool party indoors and then travel seamlessly through your pool out into a patio area? With the combination indoor/outdoor pool, you get the best of both worlds, and you provide guests at all of your social gatherings a chance to "ooh and ahhh" at your creativity and lavish taste in recreational decor. Let the party planning begin!

4. Outdoor Projector Screen

While interior home theaters are becoming more and more common, an outdoor viewing area is a luxury feature that you won't find in every home. You can set up an outdoor projector screen that can be viewed from your swimming pool and hot tub or your outdoor living area. This is perfect for summer movie nights under the stars and poolside viewing parties. 

5. Swing Set Table

This unique dining set is dedicated to those precious kids who just can't sit still at the dinner table. It also feeds the souls of us "younger at heart" folks, as it combines play with community around the table. Mind your manners though, lest the dinner plates start flying. “It’s not like anyone has seriously spent time deciding between buying a swingset or a new table, but this is just an exceptional combination of the two for no other reason than fun. Glasses may be toppled, plates may be bumped; but here’s a unique piece of furniture that just radiates relaxing fun,” says Drool’d.

Whether you consider yourself a homebody who just likes to relax at home or whether you use your home to entertain friends and host parties, adding some of these unique elements in your home will make you the talk of the neighborhood. Let your imagination run free as you create a space that reflects the uniqueness of you and your family.

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