4 Ways to Add Color to Your Home

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The bright white wall trend the last few years has become a norm. Such a norm that most are reluctant to experiment with any kind of color in their home and if Kim and Kanye's recent home reveal in Architectural Digest taught us anything, it's that if you have white walls, your furniture and decor may follow suit. But, people are slowly welcoming color back into their homes - this doesn't mean the minimalistic and monochromatic design trend is dying necessarily, just that colors may be coming back around.

So, now that color is coming back into style, how do you do it? MODTEMPO's tips for adding color to your home below.


If you plan to keep your white walls, but still add some pops of color, bold curtains are a good route to go. Whatever color or pattern (if you want to get crazy) you choose for your curtains, they'll be sure to pop against the white walls. They're also good to try when dipping your toes into adding color because curtains aren't as permanent as other options and can easily be changed out for minimal cost if you don't like the outcome. 


The inspiration behind this post was our new TOV Collection which is full of beautiful and bold furniture, so of course, this had to be on the list. Another solution to adding color is incorporating a statement piece of furniture. A great piece to try this out with is the TOV Karma Lacquered Buffet in green (pictured in the blog image). This buffet table is the perfect bold color and will add some drama to the room that's just right. From the photo you can also see it looks wonderful against more muted and neutral colors. 


What are throw pillows and blankets for if not an outlet to add color to a room? A few patterned or colored throw pillows and a bright blanket can make a real statement in a room that is otherwise neutral or one-toned. Have fun with picking out this pieces and think about it as a way to show your personality. Again, these are things that can be easily returned or changed out if you don't get the look right the first time. 


Experiment with accessories, but the key is to make sure they are similar or like-colored. For example, grab a few lamps that are the same color or very similar and sprinkle them throughout the room. If you want to up the ante, you can incorporate other accessories like trinkets or vases in the same hue to get a few more pops of color in. 

There are several other ways to add some pops of color to your home, but these are the easiest to try, especially if you are just starting out or experimenting. How do you add color into your home? Be sure to check out MODTEMPO for your modern furniture and decor needs!

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