4 Things You Should Know Before Moving Furniture

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If you are going to be moving soon, you need to have the right strategy and approach. If you don't, you could make vital errors that won't just be annoying at the time. They could cost you a lot of time or even your valuables. So use the tips below and make sure that you have the best moving experience possible.


The last thing you want to do when moving furniture is to simply start loading it up one by one. First of all, the furniture can shift. Second of all, different materials might not be as well suited for rubbing against other materials. This is why it is vital touse correct cushioning. When you cushion, you ensure that all furniture is wrapped wish some kind of soft material like a blanket. This prevents it from getting chips, scratches, or hard impact.

Managing Your Valuables

Your valuables of course need to be taken care of on an entirely different level. Instead of just running to the store to replace a cheap end table, you'll have an entirely different problem on your hands if your grandmother's antique cabinet is shattered when moving. Make sure to mark these valuables with special indications and directions to remind yourself and others what they contain, especially after they are wrapped up using the cushioning technique above. This will save you from a lot of heartache. There are just some times that you know you'll feel safer moving things on your own. Many storage experts recommend that before you really start moving, go through everything and grab or set aside anything you would just feel better handling yourself. It'll save you lots of stress and heartache if you decide to do it yourself.

Taking Care of Your Movers

You are probably considering hiring movers to help you with your furniture. After all, they can be pretty heavy pieces and difficult to move in the first place. This is a smart move. However, be sure to take care of your movers with referrals and remember that it's customary to tip movers if you were happy with their performance.How much you tip movers will vary depending on the services they gave you.

Doing an Inventory Count Before and After

When the move is all said and done, you might be feeling nice and relieved. You're ready to just relax and enjoy the new place. However, there might still be one piece of furniture that is lingering that you forgot about. Before you forget, make sure torun a quick inventory of everything so you can truly relax.

When it comes to moving furniture, nobody said it was easy. However, with the right approach it can be fun and effective. That way, you canfocus on enjoying your furniture in the new house or office instead of mourning its loss or how difficult the process was. So use the tips above and enjoy peace of mind with your move.

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