4 Organization Tips for a Roomy Garage

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Roomy Garage

As one of the most overlooked spaces in any home, the garage can serve a multitude of purposes if designed for practicality and usability. Here are four organizing tips designed to create a roomy garage.


The first step in creating a roomier garage is to declutter and clean. Most garages are stacked with years’ worth of stuff that many residents do not even realize they are still holding. Putting items you never use but still want to keep in an attic is a good way to free up precious space in the garage.

When going through the decluttering process, continually ask yourself if you really need that item. If there is any hesitation, the answer is probably no. Once you rid the garage of useless clutter, you will be well on your way to creating a more usable space.

Leverage the Ceiling

The ceiling in a garage is an often overlooked place to build on storage space. There are a variety of specially designed ceiling-storage units made for use in a garage. Installing a ceiling mounted rack or cargo nets are easy ways to use the space that was once useless. This is an ideal place to store items that you rarely use, such as holiday decorations.  Clear bins are helpful here because you can see what you have stored in this space from below. Do not make the mistake of letting the overhead storage space go to waste.

Invest in Garage Cabinets

Specially designed garage cabinets are a good investment when you’re looking to free up space and create a more pleasing atmosphere in your garage. Standard kitchen cabinets will not likely hold up to the rigors of garage use.  Garage cabinets provide a finished look, and they also offer the opportunity to lock away valuable or potentially dangerous items. Heavy-duty steel cabinets generally cost the most, but they also provide the highest amount of durability.

Avoid Cardboard

When storing items in your garage, stay away from using cardboard boxes. Choosing heavy-duty plastic-tote containers is more effective at keeping out bugs and moisture. The aesthetic value of these plastic storage containers is also better than a random collection of boxes.

With a little planning and work, you can turn your garage into a spacious extension of your home. By installing smart organizational features, such as shelving and cabinets, you can increase the usability of your garage and turn it into a roomy and welcoming part of your home. If you are looking to make other rooms of your home feel welcoming and roomy,  check out these shelves that we have available for your organizational use!

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