4 Essentials of Interior Design

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Most people imagine that modern home design has turned cold, severe, and even minimalist in some cases. But the truth of the matter is that you can make it warm, welcoming, and soft without adding too much stuff.

If you have been living in a house where the décor choices were made a while back, and you are thinking about changing the way things are done, then here are four must-have features for the redesign process.

Prioritize Texture Over Pattern

When you are deciding on the colors that you will have for the interior, capitalize on the texture as opposed to the patterns. For instance, if you want to invest in a sofa that will last a long time, pick one that has a solid color and a texture that will hide flaws and stains over time. If you choose furniture because the patterns are in-style, then you may not get the same use value out of the furniture. Trendy pieces aren’t always made to last.  

Focus on the Finishes

The interesting thing about modern interior décor is that fact that the finishing is less ornamental, with more clear-cut lines. This means that you have to be really discerning and selective about the finishing because flaws will not be hidden. For example, rather than opting for traditional wooden railings on your staircase, go for glass and metal finishes. You may be surprised by how much seemingly minor details affect the appearance and feel of your home.

Go for Organic and Sustainable Materials

The modern home is loaded with inorganic materials and substances to a level of complete saturation—from the paint on the walls  to the flooring and finishes. If you are remodeling, then perhaps it’s time to pick organic, sustainable materials and eliminate allergens in the home. These materials are also incredibly durable and unique, and sometimes all it takes are organic influences in your design to help get you started.  

Keep the Kitchen at the Center

The kitchen is the one area in the home that you spend most of your time in. As such, the kitchen needs to look pleasant and welcoming at all times. After All, it’s the center andheart of your home. Modern designs are all about open spaces, which is why open plan living has become popular among homeowners. If you want a modern home, then you'll want to stay away from a closed floor plan. So minimize the redundant furniture and keep things open and inviting.

These are the crucial things that you need to think about when making interior décor changes in your home. If you’re ready to remodel your home’s interior from furniture to lighting and decor, be sure to check out what we have available!

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