3 Smart Tips for Storing Your Furniture Safely

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Whether you have excess furniture that needs to be stored or you're in the process of moving, keeping your furnishings in a clean and secure location is necessary to protect them when not in use. If you have beautiful, valuable furniture that you don't want to become damaged when being transferred to and from a storage unit or kept in one. If you wish to protect your items, we'd like to share a few valuable tips on how to store furniture safely.

Cover It

Keeping your furniture covered while it's in storage is one of the best ways to protect it. Because it's waterproof and durable, many people use sheet plastic to cover their items, but since it's not breathable, this doesn't always offer adequate protection. Plastic suffocates the natural materials in furniture, which can cause condensation to form. Instead, opt for using sheets or blankets that allow the items to breathe.

Give it Some Space

Although you may be limited on space when using a self-storage unit, it's important to prevent your furniture items from touching each other, which can lead to damage. Don't be afraid to get a larger storage unit to prevent your personal belongings from being crammed into the space. You may wish to disassemble the larger items to ensure you have enough room to store everything properly.Planning where things go makes storing belongings easier, and this precept is no different with furniture—if anything it applies more, since furniture takes up more space than your average storage box. Consider it to be a game where everything needs to fit well with at least an inch of space around it. Bubble wrap can also be used on the corners of each item to protect the finish or upholstery.

Raise the Furniture

Placing your furniture directly on the ground can lead to damage if flooding ever occurs. Tryraising your furniture items to keep them off the ground and prevent them from coming into contact with water or dirt. Bed risers and cinder blocks will prove to be useful to keep everything up out of harm's way until you're ready to use your possessions again.

By storing your furniture correctly, you can gain peace of mind from knowing that it's safe and protected from damage and the elements. With the right tools and techniques, you can keep everything in a secure environment where it will maintain its value.

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