Contemporary Style Home

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Contemporary style home design is fairly easy today because there are so many sellers on the Internet that specialize in Contemporary and Modern designs. You don’t have to drive to shop after shop only to find they don’t carry this sleek, minimalistic style. Just log onto the Internet, look at styles and colors, make your plan and click buy. Within a couple of weeks it arrives at your home and you are ready to start building a beautiful, stylish home.

The Contemporary Style Home Makeover

You can makeover an upstairs, cramped room where the ceiling is low. Instead of using the room for storage, you can turn it into a beautiful guest room by using grey tones and add a few pieces of Contemporary style home furnishings. The bed is a fluffy mattress on a stand of drawers and topped off with a luscious feather bed for extra comfort.

The wood floor can be painted or stained to keep that beautiful lined look of the wood panels. If you are ready to spend some time on the floor, stencils can be beautiful on a painted floor. It is a project that will take quite a bit of time, depending on how detailed you want your floor to be, but the beauty it will be when you’re done is completely worth the trouble.

Rugs are a must when it comes to the Contemporary style home. Rugs help with keeping the sound from bouncing around in the room, making your space a quieter area. They also keep your feet warm in the cold months. But the rug’s biggest job is to add design and color to the room. The rug will pull it all together.

Add Contemporary Furniture

Add a piece or two of Contemporary style furniture to the room. Keep with the simple and minimalistic idea of this type of design. If there isn’t room for a dresser, then build a simple wall of shelves or boxes to keep clothing stored. This works particularly well for a guest room because there isn’t a lot of long term digging in the squares to find something so it will stay neat while your guest is visiting. You can use some of the squares for their belongings and some for towels, a small vase of flowers or a framed photo.

Don’t forget to add glass and chrome pieces which are a staple of the Contemporary style. Modern focuses more on molded plywood with some steel and glass, but Contemporary adds many more materials to have fun with in your project.

Makeover Your Home

It helps to study photos on the Internet to get ideas on what you like then start shopping. Picking out the colors for the walls and the floors first will help you a great deal when getting started with your new Contemporary home style. Once the basic room is set then you can add rugs and start picking out Contemporary furniture pieces. Your room will start to transform as each step of your project is completed.

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