Modern Living Room Ideas

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Modern living room styles will vary depending on which aspects of the Modern design movement to which you are attracted. One nice thing about this style is that it is simple and the less you have, the prettier it is. You want to stay simple and clean with a lot of straight lines and simple curves. When it comes to interior design, this can save you a lot of money.

Find a Living Room Spot to Transform

You can start in a small corner of your living room. Pick a troubled spot like a built in shelf that you don’t like. Whatever spot you pick, make it a fairly small space so that you don’t get overwhelmed with the project. It should be small enough that you can conquer it in a weekend.

First, paint the walls in that corner if they are short walls that are unique to that corner. If they are not short then you might need to tackle at least one of the living room walls with a fresh coat of paint. Pick a color that is completely different than the colors you are currently using. Color will set the tone for your project and will make a dramatic difference in the room.

Purchase one Modern furniture piece to begin your new collection. You can do a variety of Modern styles in the same room. They don’t all have to be square shapes or rounded shapes. If does help to group the similar styles together, though. So, find a nice, new piece to be featured in the corner. Then start decorating to build around that piece. Add some art on the wall, a Modern or Contemporary lamp or maybe a very simple shelf.

Straight Lines of Modern Living Rooms

Modern living room designs can have a lot of straight lines that the eye will follow. Bookcases give a vertical line and then adding a striped rug on the floor will give some horizontal lines that bring the look together.

Of course, Modern design will always have very simple geometric lines and that is part of the appeal of this home design. All your Modern furniture will have simple lines or gentle curves. A Modern coffee table can be a sheet of tempered glass topping a frame made of chrome rods or simply a bent sheet of clear Lucite. Keeping it simple is the name of the game.

If your room has an annoying echo or sound bounces around in it too much, you can use design in a Modern living room to cure that. You can build an oversized maze or grate, paint it the same color as your ceiling and then attach it to the ceiling. This will do an amazing job with the acoustics of the room plus it adds a lot more Modern style. You will have straight lines on the ceiling, down the walls with bookcases, horizontal with the rugs and it is all filled in with Modern furniture with simple lines and curves for the complete Modern living room.

Approaching Small Modern Living Rooms

Sometimes there is not a lot of space to work with, but that shouldn’t stop you from designing a Modern living room. Small spaces work really well with this design choice because it is all about minimal size and space.

Turn a large, plain wall into a linear wall mount, electric fireplace that is flush with the wall, so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. In this way, it doesn’t use any of the room space and it takes up as much space as a painting on the wall.

Find large Modern furniture pieces and set them in the room then work around them. Leave just enough room around the group of pieces to walk in and out of the room, but fill in the rest of the area with functional furniture. A large sofa with several chairs placed around an oversized, simply designed coffee table is a brilliant use of space when the living space is tight.

If you keep the walls and windows free of busy decorations and go with just some blocks of color then the focus stays on your furniture. When you have a Modern living room then you want the eye to be drawn right to your Modern sofa and chairs, because that is your art in the room.

The Function of Rugs in the Modern Living Room

Rugs can have many functions in the Modern living room. They can be used to pull the group of furniture together to make it a little room within a room. They can be used just to add color or design to a room that is painted in muted colors. Rugs can also add lines of design such a runners going from the door to other parts of the room.

It is important to give a lot of thought to the color and designs that are your Modern rugs. You don’t notice them like you would a brightly colored chair, but people do notice them subconsciously. They do tend to set the tone of a room, more so than the paint on the walls.

Take the First Step in Designing Your Living Room

It is easy to get caught up in the study of this design and spend years just looking at pictures of Modern Living Rooms. You do need to start if you are going to get something done. Pick a small spot in a room to start your transformation into Modern design or start with a small room, just to get going on your project.

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